Our newest summer collection ’23 is unveiled under the banner “Kashti” bearing ship as a
leitmotif. Crafted from the goodness of warm, woodfired earthly fabrics, the softness and
gentle touches of this hand blended linen become even more special when they bear swishes
of hand painted ship motif. Our collection Kashti is special not only because it represents a
novelty in style and vogue, but also because it adds to the beauty and boldness. Through the
ages, “SHIP” has stood as a symbol bearing innumerable connotations. It has been regarded
as a feminine symbol of bravery and fertility, freedom and endeavours.

This summer pamper yourself by plunging into hews of pastels, enamored with hand painted,
Linen blend showcasing a variety of feel good silhouettes. Kashti boasts of a range of
collection encompassing highlander finery, vacation cum beach wears and casual summer
solstice staples..


Qalab stands for enticingly luxurious hand painted artistry on hand craft linen blend finery.
Linen has been prevalent in India much before cotton was. Derived from coasts, the ancient
port of Kochi, this hand-crafted “Qalab linen” boasts of its softness and strength, only to get
softer with time. This specially hewn linen is then decorated tastefully with hues of varied
colors, an attribute by virtue of which Qalab becomes a perfect wear for women with
confidence. This variegated finery is what makes a person a Qalab Woman.

A QALAB woman is one who is
Bold and brave,
Fears no scathe.
In times of chaos, shown power.
Stood relentless in Perilous Hour.

Qalab represents not just an outfit, but a way of life. Each Qalabian dress is unique in style
and art, and shows the will of the one who wears it.